Nemos Reef Cheats No Survey officially released

Nemos Reef Hack No Survey

Get ready to submerge yourself into one of the coolest adventure games of the year! Join Nemo and his dad, Marlin, as you set out to build the biggest and coolest reefs in the ocean! Set out to construct the number one top of the class underwater retreats and uncover all the secrets you need to erect a long lasting home for Nemo and his friends!



Nemo’s story from the number hit movie Finding Nemo continues as you embark on more adventures in the vast depths of the ocean. It is your mission to help him create a paradise beneath the great blue! Not only are you in charge of creating this paradise, but you will also have the duty of customizing this wonderful retreat to your liking.

All of your favorite characters are back and are in need of a home! Gill, Bubbles, Bloat, Bruce, Anchor, Chum, Dory and many more characters are depending on you to build them a new place to live. The ocean, after all, is a dangerous place where homes are frequently destroyed and countless individuals are in need of a great builder. That builder is you!

After building these elaborate homes, set out and do your best to increase the happiness of their new occupants. Spiff up the brand new homes of these memorable characters with all sorts of combinations of decorations and plants. But be aware because different combinations of these items will evoke all kinds of reactions from your new friends! It would not be good to make a great white shark angry!

This, of course, is not all you can do in this wonderful game. Throughout your progress into this title, you will uncover some very rare seeds. Do not throw these away! Instead, plant them and watch them grow into some of the most beautiful and exotic plant life seen for 20 leagues! These plants will them attract even more colorful and exotic fish which you can befriend! All in all, you are able to collect more than 50 kinds of exotic fish you can gather from putting up these wonderful yet extremely effective plants.

Aside from just building your own environment for these characters to interact in, you can compare what you build to what your real life friends are up to. Who will have the biggest most vibrant reef? Compete with your buddies to see who has the best constructed, happiest reef in the ocean! At the same time, see who also have the most exotic plants and fish to show off. With the amount of interaction between characters and real life friend, you will be playing this game for hours on end!

 Features of The Nemos Reef cheat tool

  • Unlimited Dollars, Algae, and Pearls
  • You can level up automatically
  • Unlimited XP and HP
  • Ban Proof and Proxy protection



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