So have you been playing this game for quite a while without any luck in finding rare seeds to plant exotic fauna and attracting rare fish? Well do not worry! We are here to give you some hints and tips to improve your chances. First we will start by describing how Guest Fishes work.

These are fishes that you will not be able to get using any combination of plants or even rare plants. These types of fish only show up once every four levels appearing most frequently when embarking on quests. You can’t simply make these fish appear so do not worry about trying to make it happen. It is, however, your duty to attract them to your reef so that you may keep them there to add to your collection. If you do not do anything after these fish appear, they will leave your reef on their own and you will miss out on your opportunity. So if you want these fish to stay, you will have to put down a certain coral, stone, plant, or some combination of these items. If you are confused on which combination of items to use to keep certain Guest Fish then refer to the list we have provided below. As a final note, your friend may get a different Guest Fish but always at the same level you do. The Vitality Score you possess will not make or break your chances for these fish to appear. In fact, it has no effect at all.

In contrast to the Guest Fishes, Rare Fishes will appear suddenly if you happen to grow the correct type of rare plant. There is no need to put different kinds of Rare Plants together in order to get them to show up. Instead, a single plant is all that required to get a Rare Fish to appear and remain in your reef.

In order to get these Rare Plants, you will need to acquire Extraordinary Mystery Seeds or the regular Mystery Seeds. Mystery Seeds carry no promise of sprouting a Rare Plant. However, if you get ahold of an Extraordinary Mystery Seed, you can put money on a Rare Plant popping up. These may not be new Rare Plants every time you plant these Extraordinary Mystery Seeds but they will always be rare. Keep in mind that new Rare Plants will attract new Rare Fishes but if you get a Rare Plant you already possess from one of these seeds, you are likely to get the same Rare Fish. Another important note to take regarding Mystery Seeds is that if the plant starts to sparkle while it is sprouting, then you will have a Rare Plant come up. All you have to do is pay attention to the plant as it is growing. To increase your chances of yielding a Rare Plant, put down multiple rows Mystery Seeds. You would be surprised how your chances of getting a Rare Plant will increase. Who knows? Maybe all of them will yield Rare Plants!


Fish Plant/Coral Combination
White Seadragon 1 White Seaflower
White Seahorse 1 Rock + 1 Silver Bubble Coral
Green Seahorse 1 Green Seaweed Cluster
Red Seahorse 1 Bright Green Bonsai + 1 Green Marine Bonsai
Red Octopus 1 Red Cirripathes + 1 Lilac Cirripathes
Yellow Jellyfish 1 Yellow Pillow
Yellow Seadragon 1 Ruby Sea Flower
Yellow Jellyfish 1 Yellow Pillow
Yellow Octopus 1 Shell + 1 Rock + 1 Light Green Marine Shrub + 1 Flat Rock
Light Blue Jellyfish 1 Rose Seabed and 1 Boulder
Orange Octopus 1 Big Yellow-Green Seaweed + 1 Heap of Stones
Green Octopus 1 Green Sea Flower
Pink Jellyfish 1 Pink Marine Shrub + 1 Pink Sea Blossom
Brown Seadragon 1 green straight seaweed + 1 orange straight seaweed